Food Photography Essentials

Food Photography Essentials You Must Know About

Are you a food photography enthusiast? As a food photographer, you are required to possess certain specific photography skills to make your clicks stand out from the rest in competition. Whether you are a starter or an experienced food photographer, you need to have a particular set of food photography essentials that help in boosting the overall appeal of your photographs.

Here are some of the basic food photography essentials that you cannot do without:

  • A High-Quality DSLR: If you wish to get classy shots of the food items that you photograph, good quality of DSLR must be in your hands. You can come across a wide range of DSLRs out there. However, it is essential to do your homework and come up with the best possible digital camera set out there in the market. Research for the best options and buy a high-quality DSLR towards clicking bespoke food images.


  • A Macro Lens: The branded lenses from the manufacturers are considered the best and the most reliable options out there. You can do some research with respect to the macro lenses as well and buy the best one ensuring the highest quality of food pictures.


  • A Sturdy Tripod: As food photography is all about building the food image gradually from one shot to the next, a high-quality sturdy tripod is a must for your food photography must-haves. One of the most commonly overlooked specifications while selecting the tripods is the minimum height when you are using the same. Generally, the standard table height that is considered ideal for food photography is 30 inches. When you are able to place the tripod properly, it can help in bringing out the best shots.


  • Color Checker: Something like the presence of Macbeth or Expodisc color checker is vital. Most of the professional photographers aim for shooting a specific color chart on every shoot. This technique turns out even more important when there is the scarce availability of light. With proper color checker tools, you can enhance the overall appeal of your food photography.

  • Moonlights or Studio Strobes: These tools could come either relatively cheap or fairly expensive. It would all depend on how much you are shooting and how hard you turn out to be on your photography gear. One of the key factors that you need to keep in mind is the overall availability and diversity of the light modifiers for the particular photography setup. A typical food photography studio setup would contain around 2 or 3 lights with the presence of fairly focused light modifiers like snoots or grid spots along with a single soft light usually in the form of a soft box either behind or overhead. You will generally notice that the strobes are present towards the bottom.


If you are starting out in food photography in Sydney, it is important to learn a few basic photography skills. In addition to the skills, you would also need to know about some of the basic food photography essentials that you cannot do without!

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